Pellet fuel is a renewable, clean-burning and cost stable home heating alternative currently used throughout North America. Pellets are classified as “densified biomass fuel” and are made of renewable substances–generally recycled wood waste. There are approximately 1,000,000 homes in the U.S. using wood pellets for heat, in freestanding stoves, fireplace inserts, furnaces and boilers. Pellet fuel for heating can also be found in such large-scale environments as schools and prisons.

The most compelling principle of biomass is that it is renewable. The remarkable consistency and burn efficiency of pellet fuel produces a fraction of the particulate emissions of raw biomass. Pellet burners feature the lowest particulate matter emissions of all solid fuels burners. Given the proper Sustainable Forest Initiatives and agricultural management, biomass is virtually limitless, and has proven to be price stable in comparison with fossil fuels.

Somerset is a vertically integrated forest products company. We are a leading North American manufacturer of lumber and hardwood flooring. We have a modern, automated pellet manufacturing facility dedicated to producing premium quality pellets from the sawdust and wood fiber that is generated in our manufacturing operations. Producing clean, energy-efficient pellets is part of our corporate mission to “waste not” and be environmentally responsible. Pellet fuel helps reduce our country’s dependence on foreign oil—while also preventing tons of wood “waste” from going into landfills. We think it’s a “no-brainer” for us to produce pellets, and a “no-brainer” for you to use them!

Benefits of Pellet Fuel

There are numerous benefits achieved by utilizing pellet fuel—both economical and environmental.

  • Using pellet fuel reduces dependence on foreign oil
  • Pellets fuel costs less than fuel oil and propane
  • Pellets are energy efficient (pellet stoves are 80-90% efficient)
  • Pellets provide a clean-burning source of energy
  • Because of their compact size/shape, pellets are easier to transport and store than firewood
  • Wood pellets are a renewable energy source


Did you know:

Somerset Premium Pellets are:

  • 100% USA hardwoods—made in the USA from the excess sawdust and wood fibers generated from Somerset’s lumber and flooring manufacturing facilities
  • Produced by one of the largest vertically-integrated forest products companies in the U.S. We control the quality from the forest to the finished product.
  • Manufactured from Appalachian Oak, Maple, Hickory, American Cherry

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