Where can I purchase Somerset Pellets?

Somerset pellets are sold through select retailers. Check here for a Somerset Wood Pellets retailer near you. Please call your retailer to check current inventory, as our pellets have proven to sell quickly in many areas of the country. If your retailer does not currently have our pellets, please contact us (ask for Sandy) at 1-877-404-9663 for assistance.


What do I need to do to become a distributor or dealer of Somerset Pellets?

If you are interested in being considered as a retail partner for Somerset Pellets, please contact Sandy Pfoff at 1-877-404-9663.


What types of woods are Somerset Pellets made from?

We manufacture pellets from the wood waste—sawdust and wood fibers—that is generated in our lumber and hardwood flooring manufacturing operations. Our pellets are 100% kiln dried hardwoods including species of Appalachian oak, maple, hickory, and cherry.


What are the technical specifications of your pellets?

Somerset pellets are Premium Grade USA 100% hardwoods; less than 1% Ash; less than 0.5% Fines; less than 300 PPM of sodium; high BTU.


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Did you know:

Somerset Premium Pellets are:

  • 100% USA hardwoods—made in the USA from the excess sawdust and wood fibers generated from Somerset’s lumber and flooring manufacturing facilities
  • Produced by one of the largest vertically-integrated forest products companies in the U.S. We control the quality from the forest to the finished product.
  • Manufactured from Appalachian Oak, Maple, Hickory, American Cherry

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