The excess wood fiber and sawdust collected throughout Somerset’s hardwood flooring manufacturing process supplies our Wood Pellet Fuel division, where we produce premium grade clean-burning wood fuel pellets. Here, more than 50,000 tons of wood fiber and sawdust generated each year, instead of going to a landfill, goes to making an economical and environmentally-friendly alternative energy source. This, in turn, helps decrease our country's dependence on fossil fuels. Somerset brand pellets are sold across the U.S. through major pellet distributors and retailers for use in pellet stoves.

We work hard do the right thing, because it's the right thing to do. This applies not only to how we treat our environment, but to everything we do at Somerset.

Technical info:

  • Premium Grade
  • 100% Hardwoods
  • Less than 1% Ash
  • Less than 0.5% Fines
  • Less than 300 PPM of Sodium
  • High BTU

Packaging Data:

  • 50 Bags per pallet
  • Bag Weight: 40 Lbs. (18.14 kg)
  • Pallet Weight: 1 Ton
  • Truckload: Depending on the truck, a truckload will be between 20 and 22 pallets (40,000-44,000 lbs)

Did you know:

Somerset Premium Pellets are:

  • 100% USA hardwoods—made in the USA from the excess sawdust and wood fibers generated from Somerset’s lumber and flooring manufacturing facilities
  • Produced by one of the largest vertically-integrated forest products companies in the U.S. We control the quality from the forest to the finished product.
  • Manufactured from Appalachian Oak, Maple, Hickory, American Cherry

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