These are just a few of the many comments we’ve received via email from happy customers.

“First, I have to butter you up—your pellets are the best I've burned—normally I burn 2-3 bags a week, and have to clean the stove every 3-4 days. I started your pellets last Thursday with a clean stove, just to see—still doesn’t need cleaning except the glass is dirty…I'm amazed. I bought 15 bags to try & now want a skid of them, maybe two…”
~Larry Nelson

“I purchased 7 tons of wood pellets from Lowe's in Big Flats, NY. The first 3 tons, nondescript, run of the mill, not even marked 100% hardwood. The last 4 tons, to my surprise are from Somerset, KY. I used to live in Vandalia, OH, put in at Burnside, boat on the Cumberland and stayed in Somerset almost every weekend from 1978-1984. Thanks for Fantastic Memories and a Great Product. Somerset is the Best Pellet Fuel I've used since installing my stove in 2005. In frigid Up State NY, I'll burn about 7 ton per season and heat most of a 3200 sq.ft. home.”
~Stephen T.

“Hi, I love your pellets, they are the best performing pellet I have used in five heating seasons. Where can I buy them by the ton locally? I use about 4 to 5 ton a heating season. If you need a testimony for your selling brochure I would gladly supply glowing reviews.”
~Rgds. Don Bain

“Bought your wood pellets from Lowe's in Herkimer, NY. They run 50 degrees hotter than any brand I have ever tried. These are the best. Thanks for keeping my family warm this winter. Keep up the good work.”
~Lee R.

“We were interested in purchasing pellets by the truckload. After burning about 5 different types of pellets I found yours to be by far the best.”
~Ron M.

“We are looking for a store that has your pellets around us in Lake City Mi. My brother-in-law uses your pellets an he said they are the best all around, burns clean.”
~Patrick B.

“Where can I get your wood pellets? They work the best I have used. I get them at Lowes when they have, them but they don’t always have them.”
~Dwayne M.

“A local TSC store carried your black bag Somerset pellets. They were the best pellets I have ever had, but they switched to a different brand that is not as good. I live in Doylestown, Ohio. Can you tell me where I can buy some locally near my home town?”
~Jeff K.

“Would like to locate several distributors in my area for your pellet product.  I live in northeast PA. Your pellets are the best I have ever used. Thank you for your time.”
~Tony W.

“We love your pellets. Our local store in Mt. Pleasant stopped carrying them and we are looking for more retailers. We are in Riverdale. Any retailers within a 50 mile radius would be wonderful.”
~Ann H.